White Lacquer With Black Trim Box Collection


Small Box:
6"W x 3"D x 2"H
Wine Box:
13"W x 4"D x 4½"H
CD Box:
11½"W x 6"D x 6½"H
Box with Lid:
5"W x 5"D x 3"H
Medium Box:
8"W x 6"D x 3½"H
Stationery Box:
12½"W x 9½"D x 2½"H
Pencil Box:
9"W x 4"D x 2"H
Playing Card Box:
6½"W x 4½"D x 1½"H
These high quality lacquered boxes are composed of white lacquer with black trim.  Purchase individually, buy the whole set, or mix and match to make your own unique collection.

Shipping Information:
Standard shipping is free of charge.